package-goldGold Property Management Service 

Our Gold Management Service Contract:

Put your mind at ease , Protect your Asset, Managing when you cannot and Local Care and Assistance with our Angels Team.

Gold package is designed to be a cost effective management solution, ideal for any type of use of the property.

Services Included are:

1. Monthly Inspections:

A. This inspection checks the security of the property.

B. Water damage from rainfall, drainage, pipe leaks or flooding from other properties.

C. Damage due to wind an other external elements and factors.

D. Insect, Rodent or other Infestation

E. Collection and disposal of unwanted fliers and similar promtions. `Slid under the door`

F. Ensure the water and electricity are ‘off’, or as instructed

G. General Status review

H. Inspection Reports as required.

I. Photo of each visit sent by email to client

2. Monthly Postal Collection

Collection from the post office or collection point. Also the disposal of unsolicited mail.

3. Postal Management

Opening of all mail and handling any requiring attention eg: unpaid DD notifications, Town Hall & income Tax notifications and informing client.

4. Turning off water and electricity prior to a visit which will be performed at the Monthly inspection.

5. General Advice & Assistance

6. Initial Contract Inventory List and Status Report

7. Information Pack : List of important telephone numbers, maps of local area, showing medical, postal and shopping locations and information.

8. Safe Holding of the keys

Annual Fees.

Renewed Annually Automatically unless instructed.

Studio/ 1 Bedroom Apartment:                   €350 plus VAT,

2 Bedroom Apartment:                                  €375 plus VAT

3 Bedroom Apartment:                                  €400 plus VAT

1,2 or 3 Bedroom Townhouse:                     €450 plus VAT

4 Bedroom Townhouse:                                 €475 plus VAT

3 Bedroom Villa:                                              €525 plus VAT

4 Bedroom Villa:                                              €550 plus VAT

5 Bedroom Villa:                                              €575 plus VAT

6 Bedroom Villa:                                              €600 plus VAT

Additional Services: Please see Extra Management Services for an in depth list on all our following extras.

Property Rate & Tax Service, Meet & Greet, Depature Inspections & Key Collection, Arrival Preps, Financial Services & Home Improvements.